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Season's Geetings to all PBers! How can we make PB better?

Thanks to all of you for making PB a great game.

John Meredith, Jeff Brown, Dave Milner and myself are going to do everything we can to make PB a better baseball community. Reaching that goal will hinge on our being able to first (#1) make the interface "market-ready" and secondly (#2) to reach and win that market.

# 2: I think we all agree that building and managing our own PureBaseBall sim-ball empires is a wonderful use of leisure time, but finding others so disposed has never been an easy task. My understanding of new Internet advertising trends has convinced me that the market can more easily be reached now that ever before. In my mind achieving #2 reachable with a moderate level of expertise combined with some hard work.

#1: Reaching and luring the market to PB will do us no good unless we can properly run PB. This has always been difficult and it became much more difficult after 2000 when PB became the province of part-time, part-owners. Perhaps this is a cop-out (baby boomer glossary might be required here), but I believe that at least two of us have to become full-time employees for #1 to be realized. This will take an infusion of investment capital. Not necessarily a large infusion but an infusion nonetheless. How can this best be accomplished?

Owing to the fact that there are a lot of very intelligent people in our community, this New Year's resolution is to first ask and then fairly consider any and all input concerning the future economic and spiritual health of our beloved hobby.

Your input may be best voiced to the community or perhaps better suited as direct commentary or suggestions to me. Direct comments to the commish blog or email to me (michaelbravard@gmail.com).

Happy Holidays to all and to all a very prosperous New Year. Mike Bravard (PB)

Published Monday, December 25, 2006 6:52 PM by Mike Bravard



Gary P said:

It seems to me that the two biggest issues are keeping to a schedule and improving the robot's handling of pitching.

We need time schedules that are fixed.  If the games are due on Tues at 10 am central time, play any unplayed games at once.

Set up the games for a Thurs start at 2 pm central, etc.

The robot also needs much better AI, if able.  Failing that, we need a tutorial on how the robot understands the pitching roles, the way the settings work, etc.  To make the starters go long, do we set the bull-pen useage to "aggressive" ?

December 26, 2006 8:58 PM

KenG said:

I'd advertise at the following two places immediately:



Both places are at the top of their fields when it comes to discussing baseball stats.  A month of advertising would be $150-$250 per month for each site.  I'd shoot for Feb. and March advertising every year.  

XM radio many months back offered lifetime memberships for approx. 3 years of monthly charges, which might be around $1100 for PB.  If you got 10 owners taking advantage of this you end up with $11,000 cash.

A small business loan is another way to go for cash, split between the current owners of PB.

A new partner is another idea.

Why not also find a current PB owner that is retired, has time, is trust worthy and can provide almost 24 hour assistance to the current ownership group and yourself and hire them for customer service, questions, etc.  in exchange for a lifetime membership to PB along with a small pct. of ownership into PB, as well as a small monthly stipend.  You might gain more from this then from an influx of cash.

An active community on these boards is also important and sends across positive feelings towards PB for new and prospective owners. Many sites offer monthly prizes(for PB maybe 1 free month or a free launch league) with the number of chances to win based on the number of posts.

Once the boards are more active, make them accessable for non-owners across the web to read, maybe even having a non-owner section.  

I'd add a couple moderators(unpaid from current membership) for the boards as well if you do attempt to increase forum traffic.

FYI I wouldn't be able to do any of the above suggestions except possibly becoming a moderator.

December 26, 2006 9:14 PM

Kez said:

How about turning the game manual into a wiki style document to allow all members to add/edit/change the content? There are many known issues with the game right now, but newer members may not be aware of them.

Of course, having bugs in the game isn't wanted, but at least if they are properly documented then everyone can be on a somewhat level playing field. Allowing all members to edit the manual would leave one less item that has to be managed solely by part-time owners.

December 27, 2006 1:12 PM

stick2 said:

I agree with the statement that the schedule must be adhered to (both regular and playoff seasons).  In order to offer this game to a wider pool of customers, it has to run on time.  I understand the effort to accomodate managers but a dependable and reliable product is ultimately more important for PB long-term success.

Updating the manual and having better definitions of settings in regard to how the robot uses players and handles the game is also a high priority.  Since 50% of our success depends on the robot, managers need to know more definitive measures of how to best utilize their team when on the road.  Based on cash outlays and time involved in playing this game (especially with multiple teams) customers have to feel like they have the ability to determine wins and losses on an even playing field and not by random or misunderstood robot play.

Comunication with members promptly and efficiently is another key.  You can't leave managers sitting in the dark wondering when games are going to be played, exactly how much time do I really have to set line-ups, etc. etc.  This is probably the easiest fix of all.  Right now, sometimes communication is timely but other times owners are left sitting and thinking "what the hell is going on?"

Currently, I'm paying almost $50 a month for my teams in PB.  That's right at $600/year which is a huge chunk of change for me (I've been playing for 8 years now).  That's in the neighborhood of premium services such as cable TV, Internet service, cell phone service, etc.  PB has to give current and new owners the feeling that they have reasonable control over their success and that things keep moving right along and that this is a product worth paying premuium prices for.  PB definitely needs to continue to improve...maybe not huge steps all at once...but measured, practical improvement EACH season which unfortunately has not been the case.

There's more that can be talked about, but I think these are of primary importance currently.  Communication to Owners, Updates to the Manual and Game Play, and Sticking to a Fixed Timetable are all BIG improvements with limited cash outlay.  You get that done and then the cash investment will be easier to acquire, current owners will expand to more teams, word of mouth will spread, targeted advertising will attract new players and PB will slowly start growing instead of stagnating and disappointing prospective managers.

As this year draws to a close, I wish every one a Happy New Year and I'm already looking forward to Spring Training and a new PB season.  I LOVE THIS GAME!  

December 27, 2006 8:57 PM

boytoyo said:

even though most players dont perform to the stats of spring training  being able to follow potential upcoming rookies who saw limited action in o6 gives us managers a chance to take a flier on a potential  star or everyday player for the future. or at very least a limited role in the current year. our evaluations can come to fruition by the follow their usage in the upcoming spring season. like to hear others opinions of this.


paul garra

January 3, 2007 1:25 PM

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Commish Blog : Season's Geetings to all PBers! How can we make PB better?

October 5, 2014 5:49 PM

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December 15, 2015 9:15 PM
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