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  • Trade approval and UNM team offers. Please read!

    I have been for the most part lenient on trade approval of late. However, in cases where I have perceived a serious valuation shortfall, I have made competing offers from UNM teams in the league.

    I view this as a positive step towards better balance in the leagues while also improving UNM rosters.

    If your trade is challenged by the commissioner's office please refer to the TRADE section in the manual. Be patient and civil and the process should work in everyone's favor.

    Mike Bravard (PB)

  • Season's Geetings to all PBers! How can we make PB better?

    Thanks to all of you for making PB a great game.

    John Meredith, Jeff Brown, Dave Milner and myself are going to do everything we can to make PB a better baseball community. Reaching that goal will hinge on our being able to first (#1) make the interface "market-ready" and secondly (#2) to reach and win that market.

    # 2: I think we all agree that building and managing our own PureBaseBall sim-ball empires is a wonderful use of leisure time, but finding others so disposed has never been an easy task. My understanding of new Internet advertising trends has convinced me that the market can more easily be reached now that ever before. In my mind achieving #2 reachable with a moderate level of expertise combined with some hard work.

    #1: Reaching and luring the market to PB will do us no good unless we can properly run PB. This has always been difficult and it became much more difficult after 2000 when PB became the province of part-time, part-owners. Perhaps this is a cop-out (baby boomer glossary might be required here), but I believe that at least two of us have to become full-time employees for #1 to be realized. This will take an infusion of investment capital. Not necessarily a large infusion but an infusion nonetheless. How can this best be accomplished?

    Owing to the fact that there are a lot of very intelligent people in our community, this New Year's resolution is to first ask and then fairly consider any and all input concerning the future economic and spiritual health of our beloved hobby.

    Your input may be best voiced to the community or perhaps better suited as direct commentary or suggestions to me. Direct comments to the commish blog or email to me (michaelbravard@gmail.com).

    Happy Holidays to all and to all a very prosperous New Year. Mike Bravard (PB)

  • Claiming UNM teams. Guidelines and PB goals for awarding teams.

    1. If two managers claim the same UNM team the manager with the least current teams gets the franchise.

    2. We intend to start marketing this product as soon as we improve the interface and administrative functions enough to warrant the marketing effort (hopefully this spring?). We are reserving the best UNM teams for new customers.

    3. We will consider awarding a plus 100 PB UNM team if the team is in a league with over 20% UNM and if the manager has not recently had a playoff team.

    Leagues with 20% unm (30% or over with an *)

    M7, B10, C11*, M13,CH19, CL20, 98 T2, 99T1*, 99T3*

    98RT2*, 99RT1*, 99RT2, 99RT4*, 99RT5*, 2000 RT1, 2000 Rt2

    Mike Bravard (PB)

  • UNM trades: FA picks inadvisable for UNM teams!

    FA picks are much more valuable to "managed" teams as these picks can fill needs.

    UNM teams use generic commish list and draft for future potential and much prefer rookie picks to FA picks!

    In fact a good strategy is to offer rookie picks you think may not make your team to UNM teams who might have roster room for useful FA picks.

    Mike Bravard (PB)

  • Active rosters at 25 by 10 AM Thursday!

    I have found a lot of rosters over 25 of late!

    Please have your rosters at 25 active (except after roster expansion following game 135) or face stiffer consequences in the future!

    It is very time consuming and frustrating to check rosters and there are Thursdays that we can not. It appears that some managers are taking advantage of our limited opportunity to check rosters.

    My solution in the future will be to farm KEY players WITHOUT looking at status pages. I will do this only to teams whose managers consistently have more than 25 active players. One team had 28 active this morning!

    When accepting a late trade ALWAYS either make sure you can be around before 10 AM CT on Thursday and or email commish as to which players should be farmed in case the trade is approved! These directions are in the manual yet I seldom get email about what to do in the event of a late trade approval.

    The same goes for late INN player requests!


    Thanks for your consideration in this matter!

    Mike Bravard (PB)

  • Game Startup glitches. How to deal with them!

    Game Startup problems:

    1. PRIMARY KEY error---if you see this the opposing team's default lineup has holes caused by missing players on the active roster (traded or farmed). Until we solve this problem by eliminating bad lineups when starting games on Thursday, here is the best solution to this problem:

    email commish, technical AND opposing manager

    bad lineups for "name road team" in "name of league" should be the subject of the email

    This will ensure the quickest possible response to your problem.

    2. NO AVAILABLE STARTER--sometimes a pithcing staff will get so out of sorts tath the team will nto be bale to start a game. Usually there are clues. After selecting your home team starting pitcher the oppoising lineup will come up with no starter named or a "0" in place of the starting pitcher. Occasionally a game like this will start and it will no play and have to be reset. The commissioner will have to add a ready pitcher from the farm team (usually selecting the least effective availalbe starter iof possible) or if no ready starter is available he will add an INN stating pitcher from the FA list.

    The best solution to this problem is to STOP the game startup process if no opposing pitcher is named. Contact COMMISH and TECHNICAL and describe the problem.

    3. RUNTIME error or other error messages usually signal a lack of RAM or Cache issues. You should delete temp Internet files and reboot your computer and try again to start the game.


    Mike Bravard (PB COMMISH)



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