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Mulligans State of the Union - March 2012

Heading into the 2011 season it’s a mixed bag in Mulligan Nation. Three teams will undoubtedly be very good and competitive, two more should do pretty well and one is a complete rebuild. That leaves one team that was supposed to be rebuilding but a strange league may change that.


B8 – Coming off a 103 win Division title with a first round sweep exit from the playoffs, this Mulligans squad is significantly better than last year. B8 is a great trading league and the Mulligans gave up a lot of talent in Mauer, Heyward, Reyes, Freeman, Maybin and a bunch of picks for Lincecum, Felix Hernandez, Tulowitzki, Freese and Ramon Ramirez (separate deals). Added to the 103 win core it gives us a lineup of:

C – Santana

1B – Pujols

2B - Rickie Weeks

SS - Tulowitzki

3B – Freese/Hannahan

LF – Seth Smith/Joyce/Lillibridge

CF – Kemp

RF – Beltran

This team should score a lot of runs (Last year’s edition was 3rd in B8 in runs scored) and has a decent bench as well.

The rotation is set with:


King Felix


Gio Gonzalez


Lots of quality innings in that group. The pen is solid with:

Downs/Putz/Motte/Ramon Ramirez/David Hernandez/Francisco Liriano

The Mulligans were #1 in pitching last year and are improved. While the Mulls look good we have tough competition in Greenville (Great young team!), Aurora and the always tough Berthoud Bears.

Prediction: Triple digit wins and then the crapshoot begins in the playoffs.


W9 – Following a third straight Division title and being swept in the W9 Championship this Mulligans entry made a few moves to shore up a few holes. The key additions are Jered Weaver and Michael Young. The offense looks solid with:

C – McCann/Olivo (but mostly McCann)

1B – Votto

2B – Kendrick

SS – Drew/Theriot/Hairston

3B – Young

LF – Bruce

CF – McCutcheon

RF – Justin Upton

They should improve on last year’s 4.5 runs a game mark.

The pitching is again a strength, with the arrival of Weaver helping to compensate for an injury shortened season for Johnson. The rotation:


King Felix



Billingsley (with a sprinkling of Josh Johnson in there)

The bullpen is once again a strength:

Marshall/League/Ramon Ramirez/Affeldt/Belisle/MacDougal/Ayala

Wilton Lopez/Soriano (Roogies)

It will be tough to improve on last year’s 3.04 staff ERA but this crew has a chance.

Prediction: A tough battle with Tokohoma and a quickly turned around Bedford Park squad but a fourth straight Division crown should be had and then? Who knows?


A12 – This is a strange one. After three years of rebuilding the A12 Mulligans won 5 of 6 Division titles, making the Championship series 4 times and winning it all twice. The last 2 years I didn’t like this team much but, running on fumes, we still won the Division and made the Championship series, losing both times. Now it really is time to take a step back and rebuild but it’s been tough to trade players with value now because it seems almost every owner in A12 doesn’t think they can win and sees themselves as rebuilding. Greenville may go undefeated. Well, simple math will tell you that someone has to win every game and you can’t have 19 teams in the draft lottery so we’ll see what transpires this season. It may be like the old Army gag where everyone else takes a step back and you find you’ve volunteered to make the playoffs. We’ll see.

The lineup:

C – Mauer/Kotteras/Mesoraco

1B – Berkman

2B – Rickie Weeks

SS – Desmond

3B – Wright

OF – Damon, Bay, Soriano, Andruw Jones, Joyce, Lillibridge (Bodies but not much sense to it)

Bench: A. Dunn, Darnell, Roberts

The rotation:





Jerome Williams

With Happ, Minor, Volquez, Outman, Burnett, Carasco in the wings.

With a decent bullpen:

Marshall/F. Rodriguez/Adams/Walden/Lopez/Dunn/Thompson

Prediction: As you can see, a lot of players who were horrible last year, some after many years of solid production. Still with the opposition not going for it … Nah, We will stink and likely be 4th in the Division, on the lottery fringe.


F18 – A team that is truly stripping down and rebuilding. Also, my favorite team right now. I do love to rebuild. After averaging 98 wins for the first 15 seasons of PB (106 for the first 11) this edition of the Mulligans will be lottery bound. Lots of good young talent gives hope for the future.

C – J. Montero, Lavarnway, Conger, Lucroy

1B – Butler, Smoak

2B – Hill

SS -?

3B – A Rod, Chisenhall, Morel, Stewart, Darnell

OF/DH - Pence, Rasmus, Bruce, Joyce, L. Martin

Pitching (Not sure where the line is this year for starters and relievers):

Josh Johnson, Arrieta, Hochevar, Peacock, Turner, Peavy, Oswalt, McGowan

Liriano, T. Wood, Pomeranz, Sale, Minor, Hagadone

Reed, Salas, Bastardo

There is something in there and it’ll be fun to see how the youngsters develop. The average age is 25.6.

Prediction: We stink and make the lottery easily. If the young pitching develops it could be a quick bounce back.


Champs – A very competitive league where making the playoffs is always a trick. Last year these Mulligans faded horribly down the stretch and missed the playoffs by 3 games. This year they’re still somewhat caught in the middle. Historically it’s been the offense that has held this team back.

C – McCann/Santana

1B – Texeiera

2B – Rickie Weeks

SS – Tulowitzki

3B – Wright

LF – Morrison/Quentin

CF – McCutcheon

RF – Hart

The rotation is strong:






The bullpen will be even better:


Prediction: A division title and a deep run in the playoffs.


98T1 – After four years of current ownership and last place finishes these Mulligans are ready to contend. They’re not where they should be yet but they’re heading in the right direction. It takes a long time in a league that doesn’t see much trading.

C – Wieters

1B – Freeman

2B – Beckham

SS – Escobar/Desmond

3B – Longoria

LF – Quentin

CF – Adam Jones

RF – Stanton

Look for Brett Lawrie to provide a late season spark.

The rotation has holes:






The bullpen is a touch better:


Prediction: A battle with the Girabaldi Gophers for the Division crown with the loser missing the playoffs. I might as well pick me but this team isn’t ready to go too far yet.


99T2 – Coming off 5 of 6 Division championships this Mulligan entry is looking to retool on the fly. Franchise mainstay Joe Mauer was traded this offseason along with Zobrist, Jiminez and Ike Davis for Steven Strasburg and a rookie pick that became Devin Mesoraco. The lineup should be above average:

C - Saltalamacchia/Hernandez

1B – Gonzalez

2B – Espinosa

SS – Tulowitzki

3B - ARod/Sizemore

CF - Crisp

LF/RF/DH – Beltran/Berkman/Bruce/Cuddyer

The rotation is a patchwork affair:






Josh Johnson/Strasburg

The bullpen will need to work harder this year than recently:


Prediction: We should win another Junior West title and have a shot in the playoffs (Especially if Johnson and Strasburg are back). I like this team’s chances.

Published Friday, March 30, 2012 11:09 PM by Brian B.


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