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Checking Those Predictions

M7 - Prediction: A borderline lottery team, dreaming on next year

The M7 Mulligans not only didn’t make the lottery, they won 92 games and the division title before going to the Championship series. We finished first in pitching with a 2.98 ERA and 11th in offense with 654 runs scored.  The offense wasn’t too bad considering we gave 1398 AB’s to INN players. The core is still young and while Harper and Fernandez were hurt much of this season and won’t help much next PB season there is still a lot to like with this club.

B8 – Prediction: Another wildcard playoff appearance would be a welcome result in this beast of a division. Once in, who knows?

Spot on prediction as the B8 Mulligans won 91 games and a wild card spot before getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs. We were tied for 7th in runs scored and 4th in ERA. Next year’s team looks like they may get caught in the dreaded middle.

W9 - Prediction: A division title leading to playoff mayhem

A solid prediction as the W9 Mulligans won 103 games and a division title before losing in a 7 game Championship series. We were 11th in scoring and 2nd in ERA (2.95). Next year’s team has some holes and may take a step backwards.

A12 - Prediction: This team should reclaim the division title but doesn’t have the offense to go much further

Right about the division title but wrong about the offense. We were 2nd in both scoring and ERA on the way to the A12 title. The 6th and final game went 22 innings before Chase Utley singled in the winning run. Next year’s offense will definitely struggle unless a quick patch job takes place.

F18 - Prediction: One more year in the wilderness and then the young infield takes root and this team is back in the fray

Another prediction I got wrong but I’m not taking the blame: this team wasn’t very good but the competition was even worse. 83 wins got us the FIRST wild card slot in a weak circuit. The F18 Mulligans were 7th in runs scored and 11th in ERA before losing to Lima in 6 games in the first round. A still young squad may get a little better next year.

Champs - Prediction: It’s a tough division but anything less than a first place finish has to be considered a disappointment

This Mulligans team did win the division with a league-leading 98 victories. The #4 ranked offense and the second best ERA on the way to the Champs league title. This team is still young and should be competitive again next year.

98T1 - Prediction: Not the powerhouse that last year’s team was, but the entire division is off a little so this team should take the division title before taking its chances in the playoffs

Wrong again. This team didn’t even make the playoffs with an 87 win season. A rotation of Kershaw-Sale-Lohse-Bailey-Verlander in a 24 team league should’ve done better but … while Kershaw was fantastic (27-2, 1.21 ERA, 288 K’s) Lohse and Bailey combined to go 16-26 with a 4.25 ERA. Overall the offense was 7th and the pitching 5th in the league. Only one answer: a lousy managing job. On paper the team looks good next year but after the fiasco this year, who knows?

99T2 - Prediction: With a few division rivals in flux these Mulligans should win the division

I got this one right as these Mulligans won 96 games and the division title before exiting in a second round loss to eventual champion Newark (Déjà vu all over again). We had the 2nd most runs scored and the 7th best ERA; a solid performance all around. The nucleus for a good team is still there but a new outfield is needed.





Published Saturday, December 20, 2014 11:32 PM by Brian B.



KenG said:

Very interesting read.  Thanks.


January 27, 2015 12:31 PM
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