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State of the Mulligan Nation - 2015

Another year of assessing my teams and prognosticating on their future. Another year of PB, which at the highs can be just a great hobby. At the lows it can be frustrating. Overall, it’s great. Here goes nothing!


M7 – A Division title and a surprising trip to the M7 Championship series where we received an unsurprising beatdown. This year’s team has the same strengths but even stronger: very good pitching and a good defensive squad. The weaknesses are the same too as the offense will be sporadic. Giancarlo Stanton will help Mike Trout this year but there are holes.

Age: 5/35 are 30+

C- Suzuki (Vogt)

1B – Morneau (Belt)

2B – Panik/Flores

SS – Cozart

3B – Castellanos

LF – Harper (Eaton)

CF - Trout

RF – Stanton

The offense is improved and, outside of Castellanos, the defense is solid.

The rotation looks passable:

Tyson Ross

Madison Bumgarner

Chris Archer

Francisco Liriano


The bullpen looks great: Wade Davis, Cody Allen, Jeurys Familia, Zach Putnam, Jared Hughes, Justin Grimm, Antonio Bastardo, Blaine Hardy Jenry Mejia, and Justin Wilson. It’s not my usual style but we may run a 4 man rotation and use the pen to allow the starters to stretch further.

The East beach Sharks have us by 25 PB points so it’ll be a tough chore to repeat as Division Champ but this team can sustain the gains from last year and compete to the end. A wild card team at the least.

B8 – A wild card and a first round exit at the hands of archrival Berthoud. A balanced team should be back in the hunt again, snatching a wild card berth and taking our chances.

Age: 10/35 are 30+

C- Santana (Hundley)

1B – Pujols

2B – Harrison/Flores/Weeks

SS – Reyes (Owings)

3B – Donaldson

LF – Rasmus/Escobar

CF – Trout

RF – Beltran/Harrison

The offense should be improved and good enough with a solid core and decent platoons. The defense should be solid.




Shoemaker/Gausman/Minor – 3 guys for 2 spots

A solid bullpen: Craig Kimbrel, Darren O’Day. Cody Allen, Tommy Hunter, Anthony Varvaro, Brad Brach, Chris Hatcher.

A 4 way race with Berthoud, Aurora and Watauga should yield a wild card spot and pursuit of the ever elusive B8 Championship.


W9 – Last year yielded another Division title (5th in last 6 years) and a Game 7 loss in the Championship series. Alpine, Newark and Bedford are strong this year so we have our work cut out for us.

Age: 8/35 are 30+

C – Mesoraco (McCann)

1B – Votto/Kraus

2B – Kendrick

SS – Rollins

3B – Donaldson

LF – J. Upton

CF – McCutchen

RF – Bruce/Niewenhaus/Holt

A bit thin but a good core offensively. Overall, a good defensive squad.






A very good rotation will make or break our year.

Another good, deep bullpen: Mark Melancon, Jake McGee, Allen, Hughes, Hunter, J.P. Howell, Rafael Soriano, Hardy, Fernando Rodney, Brach.

The run-prevention side of things should go well while the offense is a question mark after a solid core. I like this team to grab another Division title.

A12 – This team won its 3rd A12 Championship in its 5th trip to the finals in 12 years of ownership.

Age; 12/35 are 30+

C – Mesoraco (Vogt)

1B – Mauer/Carter

2B – Utley/Weeks

SS – Desmond

3B – Donaldson

LF – K.Davis/Choo

CF – Eaton

RF – Nava/Jay

DH – Wright

The offense looks ugly at first but with a few platoons and the current offensive environment it should be at least average. Good defenders at most positions and decent at the rest.






The rotation is backed by: McGee, Burke Badenhop, Koji Uehara, Bryan Morris, Brandon League, Jordan Walden, Bastardo, Brach and Hatcher. Another deep, versatile bullpen.

The pitching will carry this team a long way. A lot of times the Mulligans have a very good 5 man rotation but fall in the playoffs to teams with 2-3 excellent starters, a victim of being built more for the regular season than the playoffs. This team will run a stud out there for every playoff game and I’ll pick them to win it all again.

F18 – I picked this team to struggle last year and they made a surprising playoff appearance. That was mainly due to us sucking less than the competition as we won the first wild card slot with 83 wins.

AGE: 5/35 are 30+

C – LuCroy (Castro)

1B – Vogt/Butler

2B/SS/3B/DH – Part of not being ready for primetime is that this squad is more a collection of talents than a team right now. These guys will mix and match in the infield:

                Rendon/Panik/Bogaerts/Turner/Castellanos/McGehee/ Baez

We can field a decent defensive squad but most times we won’t be pretty to watch.

LF – Harper/Pollock

CF – Jones

RF - Bruce

All told the offense will be scrappy but crappy.






Not a top notch rotation.

Bullpen: McGee, Familia, Allen, Shawn Tolleson, Scott Atchison Drew Pomeranz.

This time I will be right when I predict a lottery berth.

Champs – The best record in the league followed by our 2nd Champs Championship in 12 years in the league.

Age: 8/35 are 30+

C – Mesoraco/McCann

1B – Santana

2B – Murphy/Weeks

SS – Tulowitzki

3B – Alvarez/Bogaerts

LF – Harper/Braun

CF – McCutchen

RF – J.Upton

The offense should be productive and the defense adequate.






A good rotation leading to a solid bullpen:

Allen, Tolleson, Trevor Rosenthal, League, Hatcher, Grimm, Howell and Vic Black.

The pitching should up to the task but may need some mid-season trade help.

 A tough division with Aberdeen and Santa Barbara being rebuilt and ready to go and Glen Ellen can never be counted out. Hoping to get into the playoffs and take our chances.

98T1 – Staggered to the finish line to win 87 games and miss the playoffs by 2 games. A terrible managing performance.

Age: 9/35

C – Wieters/Hanigan/Hundley/Conger

1B – Freeman

2B – Beckham/E.Herrera

SS – Desmond

3B – Longoria

LF – Braun/Byrd

CF – Jones

RF – Stanton

The offense should be solid and the defense excellent.






A quality rotation backed by:

Allen, Familia, Adam Warren, Walden, Santiago Cassilla, Shawn Kelley and Tom Kahnle.

The pitching and defense should be great and the offense good enough. The rest of the division looks to have lost a step, Can I screw this up?

99T2 – A Division title with 96 wins before a second round exit may be the highlight for awhile.

Age: 8/35 are 30+

C – Mesoraco (Saltalamacchia)

1B – Gonzalez

2B – Holt/E.Herrera

SS – Tulowitzki (Gregorius)

3B – Donaldson

LF – Beltran/Holt

CF _ Crisp

RF – Cuddyer/Bruce

DH – Carter

There’s some pop and we’ll be dangerous at full strength but this offense won’t carry us too far. The defense will be mediocre as well.






We’ll run out a good starter most days, followed by:

Allen, Familia, Walden, League, Hatcher, Black, Josh Edgin and Brad Ziegler will help.

The division looks stacked and this team has some gaping holes. We may be sellers at the trade deadline on the way to a non-playoff season.

Published Saturday, March 28, 2015 2:34 PM by Brian B.


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