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Checking my 2014 predictions

It’s time to check the predictions made last year in the 2015 Mulligan State of the Nation.


M7 - The East beach Sharks have us by 25 PB points so it’ll be a tough chore to repeat as Division Champ but this team can sustain the gains from last year and compete to the end. A wild card team at the least.

It’s not hard to figure out what went wrong last season: Everything? The offense scored only 624 runs on the way to an 80 win season, seventh best in the circuit. Giancarlo Stanton was a beast with a slash line of .302/.401/.613 with 48 HRs and 113 RBI. Mike Trout was a bust with .217/.301/.460, adding 33 HRs and 89 RBI. Bryce Harper contributed a .299/.356/.392 while hitting 8 HRs and being hurt a lot. No one else did much with the stick which was foreseeable but with the Big Three becoming the Big One and his two sickly brothers we were doomed. The pitching was solid, especially the bullpen, with a 3.35 team ERA but it all added up to a .500 record.

B8 - A 4 way race with Berthoud, Aurora and Watauga should yield a wild card spot and pursuit of the ever elusive B8 Championship.

It was a three way race as Berthoud collapsed early and the Mulligans grabbed the second wild card spot (83-77) and finished third in the Division. The offense underperformed, scoring 635 runs with Mike Trout having the only good year with 27 HRs and .290/.377/.510 (still a disappointing year for him). Josh Donaldson hit 21 HRs and had 106 RBI but by rough count left 1200 men on base. The team didn’t do much until management gave up and traded Josh Harrison and Carlos Beltran, which triggered a sprint for the finish and the capture of the last wild card slot. The pitching was solid with a 3.45 ERA. The fifth starter duo of Matt Shoemaker (9-2, 1.57 ERA in 115 innings) and Kevin Gausman (3-9, 2.69 ERA in 130.3 innings) pitched great but bizarrely split their luck unevenly.

The highlight of the season was upsetting Watauga 4-3 in the first round before losing to Aurora in the LCS.

W9 - The run-prevention side of things should go well while the offense is a question mark after a solid core. I like this team to grab another Division title.

Wrong. An 80-80 record didn’t come close to my prediction, as six teams in the W9 Senior Circuit were better than that. This time the blame goes not the offense (656 runs scored) or the pitching (561 runs allowed) but on the manager or bad luck. Our Pythagorean win total was 92 so we were 12 wins shy of where we should have been. Andrew McCutchen (.329/.415/.548 with 22 HRs, 103 RBI and 100 runs scored), Justin Upton (.261/.331/.478 with 29 HRs and 104 RBI) and Josh Donaldson (.252/.307/.457 with 32 HRs and 103 RBI) had solid seasons for the offense. The pitching was very good with a 3.17 team ERA. The theme was pitching well doesn’t necessarily lead to wins: King Felix (12-11, 2.51 ERA in 247.7 innings, 309 Ks), Chris Tillman (13-11, 2.66 ERA in 226.7 innings), Jered Weaver (11-11, 2.91 ERA in 207 innings) and Shelby Miller (12-11, 4.12 ERA in 188 innings) should have won more with that run support and a good bullpen. The first base defense certainly didn’t help with 5 firstbasemen, all rated, combined for 43 errors, including Joey Votto’s 10 errors in 67 games. All in all, a disappointing season.  

A12 - The pitching will carry this team a long way. A lot of times the Mulligans have a very good 5 man rotation but fall in the playoffs to teams with 2-3 excellent starters, a victim of being built more for the regular season than the playoffs. This team will run a stud out there for every playoff game and I’ll pick them to win it all again.

The offense was good, scoring 719 runs with a balanced attack. The defense was adequate with a 3.72 ERA and the 86-74 record put this team right where it wanted to be in the playoffs. The pitching, predicted to carry the team instead pushed us into an early grave in a four game blowout of a sweep by Ivanhoe. All four starters were putrid: Yu Darvish (8.31 ERA), David Price (8.10 ERA), Francisco Liriano (6.35 ERA) and Jon Lester (5.14 ERA) all threw batting practice. We gave up 6 runs per game while scoring 2.5. A debacle.

F18 - This time I will be right when I predict a lottery berth.

I nailed this one. Our 73-87 record for 7th worst in F18 put us solidly in the lottery. Onward and upward.

Champs - A tough division with Aberdeen and Santa Barbara being rebuilt and ready to go and Glen Ellen can never be counted out. Hoping to get into the playoffs and take our chances.

The playoff hopes never got too far once the games started as we finished 78-82, 9 games out of the second wild card. The offense was mediocre (649 runs) as was the pitching (643 runs allowed) and this team was never in it. Justin Upton led in the major categories: 28 HRs, 81 RBI and 93 runs scored. Blah.

98T1 - The pitching and defense should be great and the offense good enough. The rest of the division looks to have lost a step, Can I screw this up?

Yes and no. The 98T1 Mulligans took their first Division title with a 101-59 record. We then scored 4 runs in 4 games to get swept in the playoffs.

99T2 - The division looks stacked and this team has some gaping holes. We may be sellers at the trade deadline on the way to a non-playoff season.


As predicted we finished 10 games out of the playoffs with a 78-82 record (One of five 78-82 teams, I had the most road wins and got the 11th draft pick despite tying for the 7th worst record). Also, I only made one trade for an FA upgrade. A completely wasted year.

Published Sunday, March 20, 2016 7:41 PM by Brian B.



KenG said:

Always fun to read what others think of their teams.   Thanks for the recap.

March 21, 2016 12:18 PM
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