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FA Draft day 1

Last post 04-01-2017, 7:51 PM by Bob Campbell. 8 replies.
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  •  03-29-2017, 9:25 PM 7544

    FA Draft day 1

    As usual, some leagues had some interesting players available.

    1Yoan Moncada1111.01.00
    2Byron Buxton1111.01.00
    3Jose Ramirez1111.01.00
    4Yu Darvish13101.51.02
    5Rich Hill2212.02.00
    6A.J. Pollock1582.52.04
    7Dylan Bundy1572.73.04
    8Taijuan Walker3323.03.00
    9Junior Guerra19273.63.08
    10Tyler Chatwood110253.63.09


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  •  03-30-2017, 7:48 AM 7545 in reply to 7544

    Re: FA Draft day 1

    Moncada???? Wow.
  •  03-30-2017, 9:50 AM 7546 in reply to 7545

    Re: FA Draft day 1

    Moncada should have been put back onto the team that drafted him.   Had to be an error.
  •  03-30-2017, 2:24 PM 7548 in reply to 7546

    Re: FA Draft day 1

    You would think right ?

    Seems to me to be way to much of a bonanza

    for a team who had the first pick by luck of the draw.


    Mark Serri 


  •  03-30-2017, 4:10 PM 7549 in reply to 7546

    Re: FA Draft day 1

    Moncada should have been put back onto the team that drafted him.   Had to be an error.


    I agree. It was an owned team as well...R1 was the league.

    Doesn't make sense.


  •  03-30-2017, 4:23 PM 7550 in reply to 7549

    Re: FA Draft day 1

    I totally agree. I had a hard time understanding how Byron Buxton was in the free agent pool in K17, a 24 team league. But for someone to draft Moncada with the 4th pick in the first round of the rookie draft and then cut him is inexplicable.
  •  03-31-2017, 5:16 PM 7552 in reply to 7550

    Re: FA Draft day 1

    Next year one of us need to speak up.  Pretty sure the manager either made a mistake, or the cuts were made for him.   His 2nd & 3rd round picks were still on the team.

    Can't think of any fair way to handle this situation now. 

  •  03-31-2017, 7:04 PM 7553 in reply to 7552

    Re: FA Draft day 1

    When would we speak up? It was a done deal when we saw Kez' results. A few years ago a manager dropped similar players and I pointed it out. I was told to butt out, that PB didn't tell managers who they could cut. I was assured that the cuts were final. I traded for the #1 FA pick and a few hours before the draft the 2 players were removed from the draft pool. I was told tough luck. Luckily the other manager understood and reversed the trade. With that precedent you can rest assured I'm keeping quiet in the future.


    BTW, it's 8:07 EST and the 3-5 rounds of the FA draft haven't run. Over 3 hours late. 

  •  04-01-2017, 7:51 PM 7554 in reply to 7544

    Re: FA Draft day 1

    Clearly the managers who owned Buxton & Moncada did not make their own cuts to 27. My guess is Moncada was drafted for a neglectful owner from the commissioner's list. I know the PB staff has a huge task getting all the UNM and neglected teams down to 27 in a very short period of time and can't ponder the pros and cons of every single move. However Buxton & Moncada are such big names I can't imagine that is was an oversight. I assume it was deliberate, perhaps as punishment for not or making the cut to 27 on time or perhaps as a reward to the pool of managers who are active and made their cuts on time..  
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